Specialized Testing

Ignito Performs number of specialized fire tests to support the development needs of industry and to help them in getting the accurate and reliable theoretical results. 

We offer a special R&D based fire testing laboratory to all researchers and industry members who are developing fire, smoke retardant and extinguishing products. 

Our Special Testing Includes:

1. LIFT and Cone Calorimeter Test 

The LIFT apparatus and the Cone Calorimeter provide ignitability, flame spread, and heat release rate data for combustible solid materials. Data gathered with these apparatuses can be used as key data for flammability or fire properties of a particular material. These key properties, in conjunction with the appropriate modelling equations, characterize the time to ignition, flame spread rate, and heat release rate over the range of applicable heating conditions and surface temperatures likely in full-scale fires. These key properties may be used as input parameters in a fire model that predicts flame spread and heat release rates for certain full-scale fire scenarios.