Reaction to Fire Testing

Ignito Labs is able to provide a large number of reaction to fire testing for multiple sectors in our testing laboratory.

Reaction to fire testing looks at the combustibility and ignitability of a material i.e. its contribution to spread and develop the fire, rather than its ability to resist the passage of fire. How a fire develops in the very early stages is of crucial importance to ensure safe evacuation from the place where human life is.


Our team of engaged experts offer a range of  reaction to fire testing as well as being able to  meet clients particular requirements.

Why reaction to fire testing?

The testing tends to be smaller in scale than fire resistance testing and is carried out on specific components or materials representative of end-use application. Fire spreads as a result of heat transfer when a material immediately next to a flame is heated enough for it to ignite.

How a material, substance or product will perform when exposed to a heat source can be determined through developmental research and testing programs. The early stages of a fire's development heavily influence its overall behavior.